Do Psychopaths Fantasize About Murder

This was a question asked by an anonymous person on Quora. I answered with the following.


I have written a little about this in my blog. I often do fantasize about murder but for more reasons than “just because”. 

For me it is a way to gain control over someone in my mind. It’s about power. I fantasize about how I would kill nearly everyone I meet. The method differs from person to person based on gender and how I size them up. However, the reason I do it remains the same, to gain control, to assert my will to power over you in my mind.

These fantasies, and that is all they are, help to quell or diminish the urges that I often feel. If I try to fight my urges, they only come back stronger so I let the fantasy play out in my head. So far it has worked every time and I believe it always will because I also have a high level of Narcissism. I’m too important and intelligent to put myself in a real life situation that would either end in my imprisonment or a death sentence. No one is worth it. 

In the interest of being completely honest, I admit that on occasion if I see someone walking alone down a sidewalk while I’m driving by, I will think to myself, “If I I had to kill this person, how would I do it?” Or, “I wonder if I could get away with killing this person. No one is around, no one would know.”

Again, it is an assertion of dominance. Weakness and vulnerability seem to attract psychopaths like moths to a flame. We can see it, smell it, taste it. Ted Bundy, for instance, stated in an interview that he could pick out his next victim simply by the way she walked. What’s funny is that when I heard him say this, I knew exactly what he meant. I knew precisely the kind of walk he was talking about.

Those like me, though, who are smart enough, will devise ways to deal with their urges without getting into trouble. 

My own customized method works for me for a few reasons. For one, I’m already a physically intimidating person. I stand 6’3″, I lift weights every day, and weigh 240 lbs. I also have extensive combat and weapons training provided by a stint in the Marine Corps. So physically I know that I can most likely manhandle most people. All I have to do is size a person up and work things out in my head so that I know what I need to do if I ever had to act. I let the scenario play out in my mind and I feel comfortable knowing that I have control.

Do Psychopaths Fantasize About Murder

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