I have grown weary of this charade, the will to comform to what is expected.

Nihilism is all-consuming.

The void stares back with mocking apathy.

I am become a despiser of life…


6 thoughts on “Weary

  1. If you could be free of all boundries .. what would you be doing with your life? The mundaness of a simple daily life exists for each and everyone of us. So is that search for “more” in any way part of what you feel? …


    1. Warning, this may bore you, but it comes around quickly in the end.

      Define boundaries. Are we speaking in terms of literally all boundaries, ie. macro-level, or just those imposed by our so-called “normal” lives?

      If the latter, I would put my efforts toward reshaping the world and molding to fit with Revolutionary Conservative principles. This would naturally force a revaluation of all values, even that of morality to form a new nation devoid of all the mind-numbing accoutrements that plague Western Civilization today.

      In essence, West needs a bath.

      The mendacity and boredom inherent in this enforced American lifestyle is mentally and physically draining when you think about it. We are completely dependent upon a system designed to keep us working to support it, but to what end? What is the purpose? To get the latest and greatest electronic device? Build a man-cave? Buy the best cars? Go on a vacation once or twice a year with the family only to come back to waste precious minutes behind a desk? What happened to the honor and glory that once defined Western man and culture? What happened to national pride, our legacy?

      I don’t know about you, but I do not enjoy lining another man’s pockets with the fruits of my labor. I want my pockets lined just like the next man. We have little to no control over our fate as it exists within the boundaries of modernist state. We like to proclaim our freedom while willfully ignoring “our place” within this box without tangible walls.

      Death and taxes, they say. Self-determination says I.

      The transcendent nation, however, is the modern state’s antipode; the modern state being this malformed organism artificially concocted by modern hyper-Capitalism and no longer “the nation in action” as Francis Parker Yockey rightly observed that it should be. I believe in Yockey’s state, not this one. One in which we are in tune with the natural world, the natural state of things. One in which we are sovereign beings, free to do as we please, obligated not by coercion, but by choice, to assist in helping and developing ourselves. Under a strong and charismatic leader charged with the protection of the people, I think

      We have lost our identity as a nation and only a revaluation of values, a return to a more primitive and natural way of life, a reboot, if you will, will allow us to restore our bond to nature. From there we can rebuild the nation.

      This destruction and reestablishment of the nation follows Oswald Spengler’s idea that nations fall and rise in a mostly predictable pattern.

      To answer your question, if I had no immediate and restraining boundaries, I would lead the charge in reshaping the world as we know it into what it should be according to me and great but long forgotten minds of centuries past.


  2. Thank you for a very intriguing reply. No I was not bored at all. In fact I have had to do much reading to gain insight to the topics discussed by you. Here are some questions I have, if you wish to reply…

    1. Pardon my lack of knowledge about political/ economic concepts. Is “Revolutionary Conservative” the same as “Conservative┬áRevolutionary Movement (Germany)”?

    2. In terms of “What happened to the honor and glory that once defined Western man and culture? What happened to national pride, our legacy?” Doesn’t this value in its utmost form really only take effect after a period of war? In times of peace, would it still apply? In a sense – is being kind to others around you and assisting the under privileged the equivalent current day value?

    3. How does the world “reboot” itself and who decides who the strong charismatic leader will be? (Will the traditional Native American system of administering chieftains work? )

    4. In leading the charge… are you unable to start in small steps now or would you need to abandon all life responsibilities as they stand?

    5. With the “bath” – if you got rid of the current “goals” of material items and holidays – what do these get replaced with? … improving third world country conditions or equalizing the wealth of the world? What does the mere individual strive for then?


    1. 1. Yes, the Conservative Revolutionary Movement is the somewhat longer description.

      2. While war certainly does bolster a nation’s pride (especially after winning), a nation’s pride should not solely derive from the spoils of war. A nation should also take pride in its uniqueness, its history, its religion, its contributions to its survival and to the world, its growth, and progress. That is to say, its culture. Assisting the underprivileged is something that should only be done by choice and should not be considered a “value” in and of itself. Some say a nation is judged by how it treats its poor and most downtrodden. However, this conflicts with my Nietzschean understanding of the transvaluation of values in which the poor are innately morally ‘good’, and the rich and/or powerful are morally corrupt. Assisting the underprivileged is seen as a “value” by the underprivileged. This “value” was born not independently of themselves, but through a transvaluation of values set forth by the strong, through a revolt spread out over thousands of years in large part due to Christianity and in some part due to Judaism and other religions that teach that the poor and underprivileged are the righteous.

      3. Eliminate all modernist “values” that we cling to so desperately. In essence, the Western world is too comfortable. We are complacent in a world that is apathetic, even hostile toward our survival as a culture and civilization. (Western Civilization, that is). When we actually have to get up off the couch, steal our eyes from the television, and actually do something, (e.g. survive), we tend to abandon our modernist values and do what needs doing. When this happens, we instinctively go into an individualistic/tribal mode. So yes, the tribal systems of Native American culture, the Clan/Chieftan culture of the Scots, the tribal system of the Icelandic Althing (derivative of ancient Germanic culture) would certainly be ideal.

      4. Ideally one that could either 1) Have no familial obligations or 2) One whose obligations are not a hindrance would be the best person to lead the “revolution”. However, anyone can start at home with their families, as the family is the core unit of Western Civilization. Rather than simply a top to bottom method, a bottom to top approach with responsible leadership at the top to help ensure and foster a healthy environment to assist in the bottom to top approach would be best.

      5. Replacing Western mores is not the answer. A gradual evolution toward traditional values is the ideal method. People naturally resist sudden change as they are fearful of the unknown. To suddenly wrest modernist values from the hearts and minds of the people would be traumatic and would likely result in outright revolt and misunderstood/misguided antagonism toward the revaluation of values. The only way to hit the reset button, so to speak, is through the youth and successive generations. As regards redistribution of wealth and assisting 3rd world or developing countries, I am of the opinion that we should follow by the “teach a man to fish” maxim. It is analogous to the reason we are told not to feed the animals at wildlife parks. If you simply send aid supplies or money, the inhabitants of 3rd world or developing countries will never learn to survive on their own. Call it a Darwinist view if you’d like, but a people that cannot survive and thrive through their own willpower will forever be a drain on those civilizations that can. Simply sending them aid is more cruel than teaching them the necessary skills to survive and progress in a world that is apathetic to their survival.

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  3. I have been thinking about your reply… as with a goal of this magnitude, yes it would be achieved by blasting the human race and resetting with new clones; or gradually by re seeding the thoughts via the successive generations. Firstly they are so electronically engrossed which makes them hard to reach and secondly as they have not witnessed hard times so to speak, they don’t understand what it like to really have the motivation to work hard to strive for something [again in generalisations].
    I have always wondered how I would leave my “mark” in the world – and come to the conclusion that it is via writing a book that sits on some library shelf; having a building in my name [ie. donation would be required]; and my legacy via my own kids.

    So from your previous posts, your kids are the way to go in terms of passing on the change [as you said successive generations]?

    I hope that in some way you will find a chance to start now or soon, this change in the mindset of others around you. The daily grind of life only makes sense in the scheme of a larger goal..

    ps. I also enjoyed reading your next post. Might try [and will probably fail] the tests you mentioned….

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