Behold the Man

Some readers may be curious as to why I named my blog “Ecce Psychopath” or may be ignorant of what ecce means and what its historical and philosophical implications are.

I consider myself an amateur philosopher, of sorts, with a Nietzschean and Spinozan bent, although I have studied and enjoy Schopenhauer, Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Plato, Hume, Kant, and many others.

I am also a fervent student of history, theology, politics, and socio-economics. My political stance is that of a Cultural Socialist (the non-Marxist, organic European type) which falls under the umbrella of Revolutionary Conservatism. Arthur Moeller van den Bruck’s works give further insight into Revolutionary Conservatism, which I may share more on in a later post.

Damn. I’m rambling already.

Anyhow, I bring up history, philosophy, and theology because they all play a central role in my daily outlook on life. Admittedly, I often get quite tangential when I start speaking or writing about them.

On a daily basis I find myself constantly swimming through a whirlpool of dynamic, unpredictable interactions and exchanges which my knowledge and intelligence helps me to navigate. What keeps me grounded and prevents me from just giving up and running into the forest to live as a hermit (Zarathustra?) is the fact that I have this deep seated desire to change the world, not run from it. I desire to be someone of influence, to assert my will and conquer my opposition. I want to be remembered. I need to be remembered. A man remembered lives forever.

Ecce is a Latin word meaning ‘behold’.
For those who study Christian theology, you may recognize the term Ecce from John 19:5 of the Latin Vulgate where Pontius Pilate presents Jesus Christ to the Jews after being scourged. “Ecce Homo” or “Behold the man”, he stated, as the crowds looked on and jeered.

Those who study Nietzsche may also recognize the term, as well. He was popularized the term in his autobiographical work “Ecce Homo: Wie man wird, was man ist”. In this work he demonstrates his appreciation for himself and his philosophical contributions to the world through self-laudatory titles and assertions.

While I am not a Christian (I do not bother with the practice of religion, only its practical uses and insights), the story and teachings of Christ, especially that of his scourging and crucifixion, has had a profound influence on my worldview. Nietzsche has had the same influence on my personal philosophy and his autobiography – obviously adopted from the Latin Vulgate – is what inspired me to use ‘Ecce’ in the title of this blog.

Ecce Psychopath, then, is a proclamation, my declaration to the world. Here I am. This is me at my best, my worst, my most vulnerable. Here are my deeds, here are my thoughts. I have opened myself up as a book. Read away. What you see is what you get, nothing less. But there will always be more.

Behold the Man

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