12 Signs You’re With a Psychopath

I came across this list in an article online. You can find it here.

1) They tend to have a charm about them and are quite charismatic as well as intelligent.

2) They are “willing and able to draw people in to get their needs met.”

3) They are inconsistent in their lives. For example, they jump between jobs and residences and have lots of holes in their stories.

4) They’ve lied to you and others multiple times about nearly everything.

5) “They will break all kinds of rules – stealing, lying, cheating – and will do so right in front of you at times.”

6) They feel “entitled and will jump to the head of the line in everything, and have little regard for others.”

7) “They anger quickly and can even leave you feeling scared at such times.”

8) “They rarely express remorse or guilt for bad things they have done. They rarely apologize (or it is empty at best).”

9) “They don’t have any really close friends or family members that they have good relationships with – but lots of acquaintances and ‘connections.’”

10) They drive really dangerously by cutting off other people, getting a DUI or not ensuring young passengers in the car are safe.

11) They tend not to adhere to laws, ethics, rules or morality, and violate the rights of others.

12) “Bottom line: they make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe.”

12 Signs You’re With a Psychopath

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