Random Ramblings

I worked literally 12 hours straight yesterday (April 20) only taking the occasional “bio-break” and for lunch. Due to the type of work that I do, mainly with databases, I am able to get lost in it. The work has become rather easy so much that I can do it without thinking much about it. This allows me to let my mind wander as I work. I often think about that I could be doing rather than sitting behind a computer screen hacking away at a keyboard. I would much rather be writing a book, participating in political rallies, or perhaps just sitting on a beach somewhere with a little umbrella drink. Unfortunately the latter requires expendable income which, due to my familial obligations, I simply do not have.

I do not really think of the future very often. I live my life one day at a time without much of a care as to what happens. Often times I daydream of some tragedy happening at work, perhaps the building collapsing, and I am the only survivor amongst the ruins, free to do whatever it is I want. I honestly feel trapped in my profession. I could easily move up the ladder if I wanted as the private company I work for prefers to hire from within. However, I eschew the responsibility that comes with it because I couldn’t desire less to manage the imbeciles that work here. Everyone here, save for a few, are perfectly content with doing just enough to get by and earn their paycheck. It sickens me to see such wasted time. When I think about it, though, I know that I could be doing more to advance myself as regards moving up into management. I’m very good at my job, though, and my paycheck is more than enough to pay for the necessities, accoutrements, and luxuries I desire.

What is daily life like for a psychopath? What is it like going through a work-a-day routine without conscience? How does a lack of remorse and a desire for control and/or power affect the psychopath as he navigates the day ahead of him?

While I cannot imagine what it must be like for an empath, given the circumstances and similarities between empaths’ and psychopaths’ daily activities, I think there really isn’t much of a difference save for what we think about during the day and how we react to external stimuli and stressful events that occur. I don’t really think about much at all during the day. My thoughts are about as shallow as a puddle when doing tedious work. However, due to the nature of my job and how easily I can perform it, I am able to get lost in day dreams. I t

Daily life for the psychopath is probably far more similar to the empath’s than the empath might think. I believe the only thing that probably differs are our thoughts and how we react to or deal with situations and events that occur.

Random Ramblings

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