On Being a Psychopath – A Bit of Personal Honesty: Part 2

In “A Bit of Personal Honesty: Part 1” I spoke of what I do mentally in order to gain control over someone. Outwardly, though, things are quite the opposite.

When you meet a psychopath he or she will most likely be the most pleasant, charming, and outgoing person you’ve met, or close to it. The best ones, though, will make you feel as if you’ve known them for years. It’s always an act, though. They want to see how you respond. They watch your facial features, your eye contact, your body language and listen to your words. Are you cold shouldered and distant? Do you seem euthymic and receptive? A psychopath will be able to read you nearly instantaneously. They not only see you, they see right through you. To be cliché, it’s much like reading a book. Just because you’re cold-shouldered, though, doesn’t mean you have won against the psychopath. He knows how to deal with such a situation. In any event, no matter your attitude or personality, a psychopath tends to be able ask questions that give them more than one answer about you. This is our way of getting to know you more than you want us to and we will use this information to our advantage somehow someway when and if a situation arises in which it can be used.

A psychopath stores this information so that he can use it to manipulate. It does not necessarily have to be for nefarious purposes. In fact, it may end up working out for the better for you in the end. One never knows.

When I want to get on someone’s good side I come at them from all angles. I find out their political and socio-economic views, mores, and cultural values. The trick is in identifying the person’s cultural and social status just by observing them. I do this at both a distance and by speaking with the person.

I am able to speak eloquently to the most consummate professional when in a company meeting and I can lower myself to the level of the common man and make it seem as if I identify with him. It’s all quite easy, but you must know how to speak well. You have to be smart in order to choose your words carefully. Using “big words” around those who are of a lower social class or mindset can be off-putting. They’ll think you believe you’re better than them or they’ll come to think of you as someone with whom they really do not relate. Using the aforementioned “big words” and “business speak” around the professional, though, can ingratiate you to them. Eventually, if you can keep it up without going overboard, they’ll bring you into their circle. The same goes for the common man. Office gossip, politics, humor, and sports are the things I use most when speaking with the lower classes. You would be amazed at what information you can glean from these topics alone. They act as gateway opportunities to finding out more information. As long as you keep their attention and their head nodding in agreement, you’re on the right track.

Well, that’s enough for now…back to work.

On Being a Psychopath – A Bit of Personal Honesty: Part 2

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