Pragmatists, not Patients

Psychopathy is not a disorder. Psychopathy is not an illness. Psychopaths are not patients as they have no need of healing. Psychopaths are, in every sense of the word, necessary.

The psychopath is the perfect pragmatist. Devoid of any restraining moralisms he will do what is necessary, when it is necessary. No burdening conscience, no hindering emotions can abate his will. This is what makes psychopaths dangerous, but it also makes them necessary. They are an invaluable asset to humanity and “treating” them with mind-numbing medicine and/or therapy will result in a devolution of society as we know it.

There is nothing particularly wrong with psychopaths in their own eyes. The labels of “disorder” or “illness” are purely subjective because it is the empaths who are labeling them. Psychopaths see no need to change themselves as they see nothing wrong with their mental make up. I see nothing wrong with myself, for sure. I am perfectly happy being the way that I am. Empaths like to label anyone that doesn’t feel as they feel, see as they see, or do as they do. Empaths are the truly discriminatory ones. They have such a vast ocean of different feelings, emotions, and morals that anyone who disagrees with them and their “superior moral code” must be labeled and categorized, including other empaths.

Are there really bad psychopaths? I would say that murderous psychopaths are truly bad. They are bad at being functional psychopaths, that’s for sure. A pure psychopath is also Narcissistic, to a point. Narcissism compels one to look after himself. It is difficult to imagine how a murderous psychopath is not somehow disturbed in some other way than simply having no moral code to speak of. Their need to kill is typically a co-morbidity with sexual deviancy. It is akin to Narcissistic Supply. Once the supply runs low, a new kill is warranted in order to refill the tank.

True psychopaths know the difference between right and wrong, they just don’t really care.

At least that is what we’re told. I, for one, do not completely agree. Psychopaths do indeed care about what is right and wrong because they have to in order to get on with daily life and avoid the mask slip. A psychopath does not care about others, only himself (more on this later), and so knowing and caring about right and wrong are what enable him to keep going. It is a way of looking after himself and his own interests. This is difficult to do when you’re rotting in a jail cell for four consecutive life sentences, or worse, receiving Capital Punishment. No, the true psychopath is not a murderous villain bent on burning the world down. The true psychopath is, despite all claims to the contrary, all too human in the deepest Nietzschean sense of the phrase. He is Ernst Jünger’s Anarch.

Pragmatists, not Patients

3 thoughts on “Pragmatists, not Patients

  1. nameless says:

    “psychopath does not care about others, only himself (more on this later), and so knowing and caring about right and wrong are what enable him to keep going. It is a way of looking after himself and his own interests.” after talking with someone, i realized that everyone is like this, the difference is between people that isnt a psychopath and those who are is how they react and that the first one judge everything and fail to realize that emotions is a chemical proccess, emotions like love is so overwhelming and most People react the same way or similar to certain situations. As this person said, also People have friends or say they love them, and parents, pets, music or art in general and more because it makes us feel good! its all to feed our ego, so after reading a few of your posts and knowing what most think of psychopaths, i find funny when they think they arent wrong and that whoever that dont think/feel and act like them must be crazy and sick.


  2. Hey,

    My name is Willem Martens and I did read your blog. Interesting. I published a year ago The Notebooks of a Psychopaths, something like that of yours. I published also The Hidden Suffering of the Psychopath. I am a hardcore psychopath myself (I mean not remitted while I am already 66). For you there is hope. I worked as a forensic psychiatrist for decades with psyhopaths and I dscovered that even the worriest cases are able to remission. Not many, but it happens and they become weller than well (Carl Menninger). I wished that I could change, but I have not such potential. I wish you the best and perhaps youi break on through.

    Regards, Willem

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    1. Dr. Martens,

      Thank you for your comment. I must say that I admire your work and to have you comment here is satisfying. I am interested in knowing, however, how one goes into “remission” from what so many others believe is an incurable disorder given its genetic influence.

      Thanks you and I look forward to hearing from you.


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